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Kikuyu General Information

Digging Dogs? High Traffic? Kikuyu is the perfect lawn for you. Kikuyu will mend itself very quickly, as it is a very active lateral and vertical growing lawn. Due to it's aggressiveness Kikuyu is very hard to keep out of your garden beds, you will need to keep your kikuyu well maintained. Kikuyu Grass

Climate for Kikuyu

Kikuyu Climate Information

Kikuyu will prefer Summer, Autumn and Spring. However, it will stop growing through Winter and lose the majority of it's colour. This can be reduced to a degree by fertilising at the correct times of the year.

Kikuyu Maintenance Information

The first mow of your new Kikuyu lawn can be undertaken 4 to 6 weeks after installation. During cooler months kikuyu requires little or no mowing. During the warmer times mowing may be necessary every week, however this will vary depending on how much you water and fertilise it and the weather conditions. Kikuyu should be maintained at about 30mm, but the lower you mow your lawn the more often you will need to mow as you need consistency when mowing low.
When Kikuyu has been installed for one to two years it can become thick and spongy and will need de-thatching. This can be done using a de-thatching machine (which can be hired), or you can mow it on a lower setting, for best results this should be done in Spring. Once you have de-thatched give the kikuyu a good fertilise and water.
Maintanence of Kikuyu Grass

Watering Kikuyu

Kikuyu Watering Information

Watering of your kikuyu lawn should commence immediately on installation. A soaking of the turf is required. For larger areas, watering should begin as sections are completed. It is vital that the kikuyu is kept moist until root growth is established. This can be checked by lifting a small corner of a roll, to ensure that water has thoroughly soaked the turf and sub soil. Once root growth has commenced, watering can begin to be spaced. Kikuyu can be watered at any time of the day even in extreme heat.

Kikuyu Fertilising Information

Kikuyu is a creeping type grass that loves the Summer however it won't do as well in the Winter. Kikuyu will prosper with a high nitrogen slow release fertiliser applied about every 3 months. Fertilising in Winter is ineffective therefore extra fertiliser in Autumn and Spring is recommended to minimise the dormancy period.

You can purchase a for a 10Kg bucket of Sir Walter Fertlilser for $50.00 from Pakenham Turf Farm. This will cover approximately 400 square metres.
Fertilising Kikuyu

Preparing and Caring for your Kikuyu

Soil Preperation for Kikuyu

Kikuyu Soil Preperation

To prepare the area for your instant lawn you need to have a smooth base free of any grass matter. If you have topsoil of suitable quality and depth of at least 75mm or more, all you need do is remove all grass and debris on the site. If your depth of topsoil is inadequate you may need to import some topsoil. Allow about 20mm below paths and driveways for the thickness of the turf.

Laying your Kikuyu

Apply your provided lawn starter as evenly as possible over the soil before laying the turf. Start laying the turf along a straight edge, such as a driveway or footpath, furthest from the stack of turf, therefore it won't be necessary to walk over any freshly laid lawn. The slabs should be laid in a brickwork pattern, ensuring all edges are butted and pushed together but not overlapping. The turf can be trimmed with a sharp knife to conform with paths and garden edges, etc.

It is recommended that once you lay your Kikuyu that you top dress it with white washed sand (approximately half m3 to 100 square meters). You may also roll your turf after top dressing to achieve maximum soil contact.
Laying Kikuyu

Very good wear resistance
Fast growing
Suitable to a wide range of soil types
Ideal pH 6.5

Download preparation & installation brochure

Kikuyu Price :
$8.68 per square metre

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